Leveraging Technology for Global Collaboration Workshop

Julene Reed
Lucy Gray, Lucy's Blog
Participants' Notes

I. Set the Stage

  • Workshop Pre-Assessment (created with Zoho Creator)
  • Join workshop ning. Give Lucy your email address. Take a picture with your computer's iSight camera to upload to the Ning group.
  • Presenter Mini-keynote: Philosophy for Global Education and 21st Century Skills

II. Share and Tell
    • Introductions
    • Bingo Game
    • Participant conversations and interactions regarding their experiences and interests in global education

III. Discovering Resources
  • Mini-Keynote: Online Resources for Global Education
  • Using a few starting points provided by workshop facilitators, participants will start a group collection of quality web-based resources using a social bookmarking service called del.icio.us.
  • Participants can work in groups to find websites related to common interests or common curricular areas. At the end of this discovery period, they will share discovered resources with the entire group using del.icio.us. Resources found should be tagged neccglobal. Feel free to use multiple tags for categories that you prefer.

IV. Tapping into Tools: Tips, Tricks, and Technologies

V. Examples of Projects and Partnerships
VI. Conclusion
    • Wrap-up — One Word
    • Reflections in workshop Ning group
    • Establishment of methods for continued networking
    • Workshop evaluation