Presentation at the National Educational Computing Conference

Wednesday, June 27th
Participants: Julene Reed, Lucy Gray, Lori Roe, Judy Beaver, Lynnwood Belvin, Rae Niles, Elaine Wrenn, Otto Benavides, Westley Field
THEME AND STRAND : Professional Development

TYPE: Panel

TITLE: Preparing Teachers To Lead in a Global Society

SHORTER DESCRIPTION: A panel of professional development experts will discuss the critical need to educate today's students to be global citizens and the role technology can play in the process.

KEYWORDS: global, multimedia, collaboration, leadership, constructivism, project-based, authentic, service learning, globalization, global awareness

NETS SUMMARY: This session will help educators become adept at engaging students our 21st century world. Not only will educators become more facile with technology integration, they will be able to encourage positive attitudes towards our global society. Standards addressed in this session will revolve around leadership, vision, and learning environments.

PURPOSE & OBJECTIVES: Both present and preservice teachers are critical in shaping the development of globally-friendly attitudes and habits in students, enabling them to live and work compassionately and productively in the 21st century. In this panel presentation, professional development experts will outline the importance of supporting teachers in their efforts to connect students within our global society through the use of technology. Examples of best practices , resources for global collaboration, and units of practice will be provided and discussed.

Educators attending this session will be inspired to create authentic, innovative lessons and lead their students towards a better understanding of the world and their roles in the global market of the 21st century. Additionally, educators will discuss a clear rationale for the use of digital tools to enhance learning and cross-cultural collaboration. Participants will leave this session with concrete ideas on how to plan, implement, and assess global awareness activities for students and teachers.


I. Introduction - 5 minutes
II. Overview of Global Trends and Institute- 10 minutes
III. Implications for Pre-service and In-service Teachers - 10 minutes
IV. Examples of Global Collaboration - 15 minutes
V. Summary and Questions - 5 minutes


SPECIAL EMPHASES: My proposal incorporates global collaboration between students or teachers.

PRESENTER BACKGROUND: Panel members are all Apple Distinguished Educators who participated in the 2006 Apple Distinguished Educator Institute.


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